In Review: ‘UNDER A PAGAN SKY’ by Helen Browning

‘UNDER A PAGAN SKY’ is a documentary that takes a spellbinding look at contemporary druidry and witchcraft in Australia. It shines light on a world you may not know existed and will invite you to contemplate nothing less than the eternal mysteries of sex, life and death. In fine documentary tradition, you will learn lotsContinue reading “In Review: ‘UNDER A PAGAN SKY’ by Helen Browning”

Interview with Sam Seccombe, Director of ‘LESSONS’

* * * ‘LESSONS’ won best LGBTQ+ drama at London Rocks 2021. Deservedly so. It begins with an awkward Dan and a nonchalant Tommy the morning after a one-night stand. Tommy picks up on Dan’s nerves, wondering if he hasn’t properly come out. “Are you a virgin?” he asks, half in gest. But after someContinue reading “Interview with Sam Seccombe, Director of ‘LESSONS’”

Interview with Giulio Melani and Nicola Gurrieri, creators of ‘Black Fish’

* * * ‘Black Fish’ is the most genre-defying, evocative and charming film of this year’s LRIFF selections. It is part documentary, music video, experimental film, sci-fi, adventure, drama, and work of poetic realism. It is shot on an aesthetic 16mm black and white. We caught up with its creators Giulio Melani and Nicola GurrieriContinue reading “Interview with Giulio Melani and Nicola Gurrieri, creators of ‘Black Fish’”

Interview with Kyle Dunbar, director of ‘Mute’ and lead actor Andrew Bee

* * * DR JAMES ROWLINS, LONDON ROCKS CO-DIRECTOR: ‘Mute’ is a gripping adaptation of a Stephen King short story from the ‘Just After Sunset’ collection. It is a slow-burn mystery that begins when a lapsed middle-aged Catholic visits a local priest for confession. We interviewed director Kyle Dunbar and actor Andrew Bee to getContinue reading “Interview with Kyle Dunbar, director of ‘Mute’ and lead actor Andrew Bee”

Interview with Balbeer Bahi, director of ‘Unintentionhell’

* * * DR JAMES ROWLINS, LONDON ROCKS CO-DIRECTOR: ‘UNINTENTIONHELL’ begins as a gritty tale of a grieving father seeking revenge on the perpetrator of his daughter’s murder, which spins into an exploration of guilt and mental health. It is a gripping and violent film that challenges our expectations at every turn, and casts anContinue reading “Interview with Balbeer Bahi, director of ‘Unintentionhell’”

London Rocks 2.0: Post-Normal Cinema

As co-Director of LRIFF, I am beyond excited for the second edition of London Rocks Film Festival. Our first festival was held in the grips of Covid19, concluding only a few hours before a national lockdown. A Blitz spirit reigned – the impression of screening films on the deck of the Titanic as the fourContinue reading “London Rocks 2.0: Post-Normal Cinema”

Introducing a New Voice for Rocks Festivals

We here at Rocks Film Festivals are ceaselessly looking to grow and develop our founding passion for all forms of cinema and in particular providing a platform those who work tirelessly at creating and developing their burgeoning talent. In order to really discover their stories and highlight their successes we feel it is integral toContinue reading “Introducing a New Voice for Rocks Festivals”

Brighton Rocks Interviews: Dogwood Writer/Director Steve Sale

We got a chance to speak with the Steve Sale, writer/director behind one of the most exciting films screening at this years Brighton Rocks Festival, Dogwood. He shared with us the story behind the film’s conception, how achieved such epic cinematography, and why artists must suffer for their art. Can you share with us whereContinue reading “Brighton Rocks Interviews: Dogwood Writer/Director Steve Sale”

Brighton Rocks Spotlight: Dogwood

One of the standout films at this year’s Brighton Rocks festival is Dogwood, an epic meditation on today’s throwaway world with a particular focus on the human cost of society’s slavish work culture. Dogwood, by writer/director Steve Sale, follows Martin (Joe Newton) – an undervalued and overworked cog in the corporate machine. One day, overrunContinue reading “Brighton Rocks Spotlight: Dogwood”

Launching Rocks Blogs!

As we look forward to Brighton Rocks International Film Festival returning for a physical event this year at the Rialto Theatre, the Rocks team is thrilled to launch our very first festival blog.  Brighton Rocks prides itself on inclusivity and being a forum for indie and underground cinema, and with this blog we’re eager toContinue reading “Launching Rocks Blogs!”