Introducing a New Voice for Rocks Festivals

We here at Rocks Film Festivals are ceaselessly looking to grow and develop our founding passion for all forms of cinema and in particular providing a platform those who work tirelessly at creating and developing their burgeoning talent. In order to really discover their stories and highlight their successes we feel it is integral to work with new writers and aficionados of cinema.

Sarah has been honing her interviewing skills at Directors Notes, and we are now delighted to be welcoming her to our team so we can nurture and cultivate the content within our blog and festival.

Sarah Smith is a UK freethinker who has spent as much time living abroad as she has at ‘home’. She has spent the last 4 years in Brighton and revels in the cohesion of the ocean, pubs, a quirky way of life alongside being able to indulge in her love of film. Cinema and film studies have punctuated her education over the years and a love of writing and desire to tell stories have weaved together with her writing for Directors Notes, where she explores ‘The What, How & Why of Independent Filmmaking’. A linguist at heart and fluent in several languages, Sarah can often be found wondering or despairing at subtitles which is an area she is keen to continue exploring and is able to take advantage of and avoid the perils of Google Translate when interviewing international film makers. She has a varied background which might make a traditionalist reel, but a steadfast desire to always have a foot in the world of film, filmmakers and creation – wouldn’t we all love to travel the world delighting at endless film festivals and sharing that with others?

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