Interview with Adam E. Stone, director of ‘Atmospheric Marginalia’

The film essay is a form which has been embraced by many of the greatest filmmakers over the years – Chris Marker, Agnes Varda, Jean-Luc Godard, to name a few. When filmmaker Adam E. Stone lost his father, he wanted to pay homage to and explore writings and unsolved mysteries left behind. Adam, a greatContinue reading “Interview with Adam E. Stone, director of ‘Atmospheric Marginalia’”

Interview with Em J. Gilbertson, director of ‘Requiem’

Forbidden love, systemic prejudice and senseless suffering are three themes deftly explored by NFTS graduate Director Em J. Gilbertson’s clever and nuanced depiction of a time where the imbalance of gender roles and expectations on women were patently absurd. ‘Requiem’ is set against the backdrop of the violent witch trials of the 1600s and centresContinue reading “Interview with Em J. Gilbertson, director of ‘Requiem’”

Interview with Julia Shlenskaya, director of ‘Once Upon a February’

Today marks one year since the Russian Federation invaded Ukraine. A year in which the world seemed to take a giant leap backwards, with the upheaval causing trauma and tragedy for millions of lives. ‘Once Upon a February’ by Russian filmmaker Julia ​​Shlenskaya is an intensely personal project that makes a brave attempt to comeContinue reading “Interview with Julia Shlenskaya, director of ‘Once Upon a February’”

Interview with Mick Child & Dane Foxx, director and narrator of ‘This Bee Movie, Our Future’

Filmmaker Mick Child, founder of Forge Photography & Film Production, first graced our screens at Brighton Rocks in 2022 with his live action short ‘Villa’. He is back with a thought-provoking micro movie, ‘This Bee Movie, Our Future’, focusing on the increasing strains on our climate. Mick has been tinkering with photography since the ageContinue reading “Interview with Mick Child & Dane Foxx, director and narrator of ‘This Bee Movie, Our Future’”

Interview with Matteo Di Gioia, director of ‘Italian Boi’

Generative AI in all of its weird and wonderful forms is set to bring about a huge revolution in filmmaking. Whether ultimately this is for better or worse, whilst this technology is continuously evolving, now is the time to be embracing the advances and playing with the various forms. This is exactly what artist andContinue reading “Interview with Matteo Di Gioia, director of ‘Italian Boi’”

Interview with Keith Sargent, Writer, Director & Producer of ‘Today I Wrote Nothing’

Brighton Rocks International Film Festival is proud to be showcasing ‘Today I Wrote Nothing’ by Keith Sargent, aptly named after the work of the absurdist avant-garde Russian poet, Danill Kharms. By employing his incredible aptitudes in animation, music composition amongst so much more, Sargent has weaved together a beautiful 3-minute experiential film proving that theContinue reading “Interview with Keith Sargent, Writer, Director & Producer of ‘Today I Wrote Nothing’”

Interview with Luke Martin and James Alexander Allen of ‘Edge of Insanity’

Crime fascinates and repels us all at the same time, and detective stories draw us into their dark and complex webs and the characters hidden within. When the chance arose to develop a sequel to a 2016 short ‘The Private Investigator’ by BRIFF alum Alex Lines, writer James Alexander Allen and director Luke Martin joinedContinue reading “Interview with Luke Martin and James Alexander Allen of ‘Edge of Insanity’”

Interview with Darcy Vanhinsbergh & Alex Lawton of ‘Cold Water’

Who amongst us cannot claim to have whiled away the hours watching others around us going about their daily lives? Darcy Vanhinsbergh, whose background lays predominately in front of the camera, used the forced moments of contemplation driven by the pandemic to consider the people he has been observing, their intricate social dynamics and whatContinue reading “Interview with Darcy Vanhinsbergh & Alex Lawton of ‘Cold Water’”

In Review: ‘The Tree’ by Oliver Blair

“Film is like a battleground,” quips the director Samuel Fuller in Godard’s ‘Pierrot le fou’. “There’s love, hate, action, violence, death… in one word: emotion.” We get emotion – as well as a dose of love, hate and death – in ‘The Tree’, whose two characters – siblings James (Joel Morris) and Yasmin (Hayley Thomas)Continue reading “In Review: ‘The Tree’ by Oliver Blair”

In Review: ‘Hold Me, Don’t Touch Me’ by Adrian Todd Zuniga

“It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances,” quipped Oscar Wilde. This adage is certainly borne out in writer-director Adrian Todd Zuniga’s thought-provoking and memorable film, ‘Hold Me, Don’t Touch Me.’ It is a winter evening in London. Aidy, a Black British woman (Anniwaa Buachie), has not turned up to a griefContinue reading “In Review: ‘Hold Me, Don’t Touch Me’ by Adrian Todd Zuniga”

In Review: ‘California’

A not-so-sunny day in the life of a downtrodden millennial Director Tracy Mathewson’s short film ‘California’ deals with the startlingly relatable and heart-rending tie between father and daughter, and the rippling aftereffects of a tumultuous past. All the while, the film works toward highlighting the limits and failures of our increasingly relied upon, modern-day form ofContinue reading “In Review: ‘California’”

Brighton Rocks Interviews: Dogwood Writer/Director Steve Sale

We got a chance to speak with the Steve Sale, writer/director behind one of the most exciting films screening at this years Brighton Rocks Festival, Dogwood. He shared with us the story behind the film’s conception, how achieved such epic cinematography, and why artists must suffer for their art. Can you share with us whereContinue reading “Brighton Rocks Interviews: Dogwood Writer/Director Steve Sale”

Brighton Rocks Spotlight: Dogwood

One of the standout films at this year’s Brighton Rocks festival is Dogwood, an epic meditation on today’s throwaway world with a particular focus on the human cost of society’s slavish work culture. Dogwood, by writer/director Steve Sale, follows Martin (Joe Newton) – an undervalued and overworked cog in the corporate machine. One day, overrunContinue reading “Brighton Rocks Spotlight: Dogwood”