In Review: ‘Stabat Mater’ & ‘Couscous’ by Marina Sagona

Experimental New York cinema might bring to mind Andy Warhol, Jonas Mekas or Maya Deren but whatever your fancy it has the power to stimulate and draw out admiration, contemplation and so much more in the viewer. It diversely tests and breaks traditional aspects of filmmaking thus allowing the director to break free from narrativeContinue reading “In Review: ‘Stabat Mater’ & ‘Couscous’ by Marina Sagona”

In Review: ‘Queer Blood’ by Alexander Roman

Appearances can be deceptive and ‘QUEER BLOOD’ is a striking example of a film where nothing is quite as it seems. An indie neo-noir set in North Hollywood, this drama features characters whose wants and desires are hidden by their own internal struggles and locations so authentically brought to life and meticulously put together youContinue reading “In Review: ‘Queer Blood’ by Alexander Roman”

In Review: ‘KEITH’ by AF Webb

Alex Webb’s latest work, ‘KEITH’, presents a mycology-infused film about how a man named Keith Eldred and his wife, Margot, came to acquire a declassified site in Norfolk from the Ministry of Defence in 1966. Shot against the secluded backdrop of RAF Barnham 94 MU, the film skilfully merges an array of visual styles thatContinue reading “In Review: ‘KEITH’ by AF Webb”

In Review: ‘Mater Mortis’ by Rishi Gandhi

A short horror where an inexplicable disease becomes a metaphor for the trauma of dealing with the suffering of loved ones.  From the moment ‘MATER MORTIS’ opens on your screen, your senses are stung by themes of familial trauma and you do not have to travel far to see the personal connection to this film.Continue reading “In Review: ‘Mater Mortis’ by Rishi Gandhi”

In Review: ‘Give Me Light’ by JD Kelleher

Brighton Rocks Film Festival 2019’s Best Music Video Winner Returns . . . Unapologetic sexual lease-of-life and gay icon JD Kelleher stars in and directs the music video for his new single release Give Me Light. The music video is a captivating cinematic piece with wide-angle shots of an Irish coastal landscape against the soft light ofContinue reading “In Review: ‘Give Me Light’ by JD Kelleher”