In Review ‘Four O’Clock Flowers’ by Peter Callow

A terrifying and perhaps unsurprising fact reveals that In 2021, London recorded its worst ever death toll from teenage homicides. When writer and director Peter Callow came across the original play ‘Four O’Clock Flowers’ written by Louise Breckon-Richards he realised how affecting a film version could be in its exploration of grief, bereavement, loss, guiltContinue reading “In Review ‘Four O’Clock Flowers’ by Peter Callow”

In Review ‘Tales from the Great War’ by Andrew Elias

‘Tales From The Great War’ is writer Elias’ second feature length film, following his 2018 release ‘The Numbers’. Both films deftly intertwine the stories of multiple characters and their inevitable crossing of paths, bringing forward a certain recurring theme for Elias: the power of fate.  His latest release opens with a powerful close up ofContinue reading “In Review ‘Tales from the Great War’ by Andrew Elias”