In Review: ‘Mater Mortis’ by Rishi Gandhi

A short horror where an inexplicable disease becomes a metaphor for the trauma of dealing with the suffering of loved ones.  From the moment ‘MATER MORTIS’ opens on your screen, your senses are stung by themes of familial trauma and you do not have to travel far to see the personal connection to this film.Continue reading “In Review: ‘Mater Mortis’ by Rishi Gandhi”

Interview with Micah Dahl, Director of ‘Clarence’

* * * You have a particular idea you want to develop, you want to work with someone who you have known for years and you happen to be attending a trade show in a certain city where everybody knows “what happens here, only happens here”. It is truly a delight to talk to a creatorContinue reading “Interview with Micah Dahl, Director of ‘Clarence’”

Interview with Alexander Roman, Director of ‘Queer Blood’

* * * As I’m sure the majority of our readers may know, the world of short films is not one where you are going to make a quick buck. Nor are you likely to find a widespread audience, but this means that a filmmaker’s true intention and flair is allowed to flourish. Here atContinue reading “Interview with Alexander Roman, Director of ‘Queer Blood’”

Interview with Cory DeMeyers, Director of ‘Danny Boy’

How much do our backgrounds influence who we are and what we do? Whilst few of us are lucky enough to realise our childhood dreams, a personal youthful desire to be a marine biologist was rudely shaken from me upon my realisation that my brain doesn’t work well towards maths and science. The trajectory ourContinue reading “Interview with Cory DeMeyers, Director of ‘Danny Boy’”